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Then We Submit a Planning Application

Making a Planning Application and awaiting the outcome can be an exciting but tense time, particularly if the application is for your own personal residential property. A9 Architecture will complete the initial design process for you by submitting your application, ensuring that our expert knowledge in this field allows the application to progress as smoothly as possible.



Obtaining planning permission will be dependent on ensuring that the build fits within both national and local planning policy guidelines. Planning policy can vary wildly due to the nature of the changes being requested and the surrounding area. Planning permission cannot be guaranteed, however, our company prides itself on considering all available information and being realistic about the likely outcome regarding the design you have chosen.

A well planned project will run efficiently from conception, through to completion, the resulting building will function well in terms of use, running costs, life expectancy and resale value. Our vision is to make a positive and often considerable contribution to these components of cost-effective asset development that reflects your investment in us as an integral part of the overall value you will obtain from your finished building.

Each project will require an application to be made to your local council.

It is not unusual to expect long waiting times for the council to process your application.

Our reliable team are construction professionals who operate ‘best practice’ working methods to the highest standards, guiding you through the design procedure and offering advice that will help you navigate the complex set of rules, regulations and contractual obligations connected with managing all types of applications.